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Want a banjo that’s old time and original that you won’t want to stop playing?  You’ve come to the right place!  Instrument builder Noel Booth of Old Fiddle Road Banjo works, designs and builds banjos made with a combination of traditional and unusual woods (think Maple & Mahogany vs. Purple heart and Bubinga) artfully blended with historical and contemporary design.  Each instrument is unique in its own right. 

Currently Noel is building traditional and contemporary open back banjos, gourd banjos and Antebellum minstrel style banjos!  He is constantly designing new models, so check back soon and find out what's new at Old Fiddle Road.

Browse and learn more. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more details and check inventory.

You’ll also find Old Fiddle Road Banjos at these fine music stores…

Acoustic Corner, Black Mountain, NC

Turtle Hill Banjo Co., Bryantown, MD


Open Back Banjo :: Click here
Gourd Banjos :: Click here
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