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My experience with Noel Booth is only the second time ever that I’ve had such great lutherie work done that it was like getting whole new, radically improved instruments back. It’s just such a nice thing to have your stringed instruments worked on in such a masterful way. 


This dude knows what he’s doin’. And he cares to do it right.


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Nice low action, no buzzing and a really nice bridge made by the maker. Everything is sound, no adjustment required. I did, however, try a Gary Sosebee bridge on this baby, and she sounds sweet with it. Depending on my mood I do switch between the original bridge and the Sosebee, Noel makes a fine bridge.


Great communication. Great service. And an all-around nice guy, too.

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Tastefully appointed. I love the slotted head. The slotted head is really unique nowadays. Ebony fingerboard and mahogany body. No finish flaws. This banjo is similar to a maker from the late 1800’s I beleive was named Ashborn.


Great, great service. Spoke with Noel and his wife. They were very obliging about me stopping by for the tuneup. Noel’s wife even showed me her personal banjo (which I would love to buy from her) and gave me a concert.

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