What We Sound Like

OK, so you want to know what Noel Booth’s old time banjos sound like?  Noel’s partner Leigh recorded these tunes for you.  If you
want to hear Noel play one of his banjos you’ll have to come to the shop.  He’s busy building your next banjo and we don’t let him out
very often!  These recordings are not edited or enhanced in any way. They were recorded in stereo by our friend Ed Kelley in the basement
of his fine gallery, Ridge Runner Naturals.

Banjo: Sympathetic Banjo with 12″ Rosewood block rim, 27.5 inch scale and handmade Jiwari bridge for the sympathetic strings.  The sympathetic strings and jiwari bridge add a chorus effect and buzz that fills out clawhammer playing and adds a new dimension to fingerstyle playing.

We kept these tunes sparse so that you could hear the sympathetic

Ducks on the Millpond (Clawhammer)     

Sally in the Garden (Fingerstyle)     

Cumberland Gap-ish (Fingerstyle)     

Sugar Hill (Fingerstyle)     

Banjo:  12″ Rosewood block rim, rolled brass tone ring,  271/2 inch scale length


June Apple     

Rockingham Cindy     

Kitchen Girl     

Banjo: 11″ purple heart block rim with integral flange, 24 inch scale length


Spotted Pony     

Spotted Pony     


Banjo: 12″ Antebellum banjo with 28 1/2 inch scale length.


Get ready for a low, cool sound!

Julie Ann Johnson     

Stay All Night (Waterbound)