Resonator Guitar

Resonator guitar styled after the early wood bodied National Triolians.  Let me just go on the record and say, “I think resonator guitars are super cool and intriguing instruments”—and they have some very banjo like construction features. Since I started out in lutherie at a guitar building school, this project afforded me the chance to […]

Banjo Uke

One-off banjo uke.  I had a lot of fun letting the woods guide me through the design of this concert size banjo uke.  The rim uses the last of my stash of reclaimed Honduran rosewood and I made a pinwheel style suspended back from a particularly beautiful piece of slab sawn curly maple.  The suspended […]

Camp Uke

This little Uke is based on a style that Lyon and Healy made in the 1920’s. It walks the line between a banjo uke and a traditional uke. Lyon and Healy made it in three different iterations: no sound hole with a suspended resonator, with a sound hole and turned resonator (back) glued to the […]

Cigar Box Uke

Cigar box uke (at Acoustic Corner).  People have been making instruments out of salvaged things for ages so there is a long history of cigar boxed instruments.  Cigar boxes are perfectly sized for ukes and when I find boxes of solid wood, I can’t resist them.  I went on a hunt for some cigar boxes […]