Cigar Box Uke

Cigar box uke (at Acoustic Corner).  People have been making instruments out of salvaged things for ages so there is a long history of cigar boxed instruments.  Cigar boxes are perfectly sized for ukes and when I find boxes of solid wood, I can’t resist them.  I went on a hunt for some cigar boxes at the local Antique mall (a.k.a. an indoor flea market) and stumbled on some nice little solid boxes made from quarter sawn Cedar.  Obviously, you have to make a few modifications to the cigar box, you can’t just slap on a neck, if you want it to sound good.  I add a heel block, thin down and brace the top and cut a sound hole – in this case “holes”, we have two.  I used Mahogany for the neck, walnut for the bridge and fretboard and strung it up with real gut strings.


Last Modified on April 21, 2015
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